The Lovely Lord’s Garden

Nothing pleases a gardener more than paying a visit to someone else’s gar­den. I know of a wonderful garden you might wish to consider visiting.

It doesn’t matter if you just like looking at gardens for their beauty or wish to get some new ideas for your own garden or merely to escape for the day — the Lord's Garden in Eden ( 9998 Clarksburg Road ) is such a place. Here you can experience a variety of plants, garden types, and design concepts.

The gardens are wonderfully unique, as they have been beautifully integrated into the natural gardens that surround them in the countryside. You will drive up a long driveway to be greeted by blooming clematis, morning glories, shrubs, and a feeling of wholesomeness and welcome. Mary Jane will give you time to just look and will then give you a gently conducted walk through the gardens. I noticed that she gives you time to absorb not only the sights and sounds of the garden but also the fragrance and the ambiance. She will tell you about the history of the gardens (much hard work combined with knowledge and lots of love), the joy of the gardens, their themes, and her plans for the future.

The gardens are somewhat theme- based and Mary Jane will point out her selections, where they were obtained, or how they were propagated. She seems delighted by your questions and will even share with you information about a little known species she has grown from seed. Mary Jane will listen and respond to your comments regarding each plant; nothing is too trivial.

The garden consists of about an acre ofplants in garden rooms of perennials, grasses, several bog gardens, a water garden, a shade garden and a waterfall. Take your time. No one will rush you through this incredible experience.

Feeling tired or just wish to pause? No problem. There are benches for sitting and viewing. After the garden walk visitors may go to the garden shop, a charming place filled with books, antiques and interesting items.

At the end of the garden tour, guests go to the tea room for homemade scones (yummy!), finger sandwiches, fruit (fresh strawberries with cream was served when I was there) and of course, teas or herbal beverages of various types.

A special treat not available at any other garden place is a monologue of George Washington, given by Mary Jane dressed in uniform. Guests will learn why some called Washington “His Excellency.”

You will leave this lovely place feeling contented, inspired to add new plants to your gardens and planning to visit again during a different season.

If you wish to arrange a tour, call Mary Jane Bolo at 992-9456.

Forever Young Magazine March 2008